Rise and Fall of Valencia

Cleaning up the Streets

Party meets Carson, a retired Caratacan mercenary, and convince him to help them out. He talked to his former employer, a noble family named Apolinare, and handed Ewan a mercenary contract.

Captain Hernando made his rounds through the slums, threatening many shopkeepers. Unfortunately for him, before he could put much to paper he was assassinated by Ducard. Ducard and Ewan killed another guard and planted a suicide letter written by Aaron, along with Hernando’s bloody rapier. Then Aaron was taken in for questioning as a witness and held overnight.

In the morning Aaron passed inspection without revealing any important information (and boring the crap of the man). Then he proceeded on with his day, realizing that he was being followed, and made it as boring as possible.

Meanwhile, Ewan and Ducard started cleaning up the streets. Entering the territory of gang leader Giacomo, they started mauling random gangers on the streets. Eventually working their way up, they captured a mid-level ganger and extracted information from him. They learned the name of one of the bosses and an inn regularly used for gang meetings.

The next day they returned to their crime scenes to pursue further gangers, but were interrupted when Carson wished to speak with them.


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