Confederacy of Jenaro

Geographical name: Ciariaco (See-arr-ee-ah-co), Saoirse (Sao-errse), Calixto (Cah-licks-toe), Paquita (Pah-kee-ta), Rosalva (Roh-salve-ah)
Name of citizens: Citizens go by the name of the city they are from, though outsiders tend to generalize them into Jenarans (Jen-arr-ens) or by the island they are from.
Government: Republic, with every major city having a seat on the council
Real World Inspiration: Spain/Republican Italy, with a bit of New Orleans

“What others have achieved through violence and barbarity, we will attain through skill and excellence.”
Founded by a coalition of the islands Ciariaco and Saoirse, the confederation slowly expanded to include Calixto, Paquita, and Rosalva. The Confederacy is best known for being a republic and its aggressive politics due to the individuality of each city. Their powerful navy but low numbers has prevented them from expanding onto any of the mainland, their one attempt to colonize the Junai Peninsula ending in failure as the Imran Caliphate conquered them easily.

“I do not spread rumours, I create them.”
The darker politics of the Confederacy has led to a rise in dueling amongst nobles, to guard the honour of their family as well as guard themselves against assassination attempts. Likewise, many have become marksman and compete nation-wide in tournaments to see who is the best shot – aiding the Confederacy’s already fearsome navy. More than their official navy, however, the freedom loving Confederacy also sees (though vehemently denies) many pirates enjoying their waters and often plaguing the merchant vessels of other nations. Though they have less time to practice it, the lower classes likewise pride themselves in these pursuits and have some smattering of martial talent.

“What? You don’t like it?
Few people from the Confederacy refer to themselves as Jenaran, or even Calixtan, but prefer to reference their city of origin and display the city’s colours along with their own family’s. This leads to very flamboyant dress, garish in the eyes of many foreigners, and the Confederacy’s preference for flair does little to alleviate the sore eyes of others.

“All is one.”
The Confederacy, Calixto specifically, is the birth place of the Church of Helios. The mercy of the One God, embodied in the Sun, has spread like wild-fire amongst people of several nations, primarily the Kingdom of Azzura and recently the Aurelian Empire. The Church has found itself to be a powerful political entity and wealthy patron of many artisans, leading to ostentatious buildings decorated by the world’s greatest artists. In order to help its spread, the Church carefully incorporates local traditions into its own, converting local gods into saints or aspects of Helios.

Confederacy of Jenaro

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