Frankenfinder Changes

Frankenfinder Changes
– everyone’s human, as per Pathfinder
– everyone gets two traits, as per Pathfinder (in the APG)
– the game will not be using favoured class rules
– you may purchase additional traits with CDP

Ability Scores:
– 20 point buy, so you guys may start out somewhat less than epic
– however, you will be able to increase an ability score by 1 point every level to make up for the lack of magic (for +9 to your abilities by 10th level, ie: you don’t get +1 at first level)
– you can also improve your ability scores with CDP

– start at level 1 and the game goes up to level 10
– can be any non-magical base class as well as prestige class (used as a base class), some tweaking with class features is allowed
– given the mostly urban environment of the game, I’m only going to allow Urban rangers (because a normal ranger who takes ‘urban’ as a favoured terrain will be at a huge advantage)
– you may not purchase Secondary or Tertiary classes with CDP
– rather than kill you, negative hit point damage will hit specific limbs and cripple them for a longer period of time.

– as per Pathfinder, but remove Knowledge (Arcana), (The Planes), (Local). Add in Knowledge (Urban).
– you may purchase additional skills with CDP, still following the rules for maximum skill rank at your level

– include mastery feats from the Frankenfinder document, but you need to take each mastery as a feat and must still meet its pre-requisites
– you may purchase additional feats with CDP, still meeting the pre-requisites of each feat you take

– treat Exotic Weapons as Martial Weapons concerning proficiency, but they will make you significantly more memorable and easier to track
GUNS exist in this world, though they are heavily restricted (military state and all). Guns ignore all damage reduction from armour, but carry a fairly obvious downside to sneaks.
– armour acts as Damage Reduction, as per Pathfinder rules)
– we will be using shield and defense rules from Frankenfinder
– there is no magic in the world, so magical equipment does not exist. Mundane alchemical equipment still does, however (not including potions and the like).

– we’ll be using 3d6 instead of d20s
– we’ll be using defense values from Frankenfinder
– you’ll have a pool of style points that you get for excellent descriptions, awesome actions, and good sportsmanship. You can use style points to alter your rolls, but also to change the world slightly.
– see rules here regarding Called Shots
– see rules here regarding Shock Value
– see rules here regarding Combat Fatigue

– you begin with 40 CDP, this is what sets you apart despite only being level 1
– 1 CDP for three skill points
– 5 CDP for one feat
– 7 CDP for one point in an ability score

Frankenfinder Changes

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