Geographical location: Kyrrathi (Kuh – rath – ee)
Name of citizens: Kyrrathi
Government: Military despotism
Real world inspiration: Mamluk Mercenary State

“For freedom!”
There was a phase in Nisira’s history where slaves were taken from raids, and raised to be soldiers who knew no love except that for fighting. They were known as the Rathi, and generations of fighting and war honed every one of them into a killing instrument, their humanity stripped from them in order to create a more lethal warrior. One day, a woman named Kyra desired more, and their nation is the result of that experiment. A nation built of slave-warriors who desired freedom and the choice to live. Kyra mobilized a revolt that spread quickly throughout Nisira, and slaves everywhere flocked to her banner. They made a nation for themselves and Kyra settled down. Unfortunately, some years later when the fighting had died down to border raids and Kyra had begun codifying laws for her people to live by, she was murdered while giving birth to her child. There was no power vacuum, however, as the slaves formed a government with what scant laws Kyra had made for them, and named their nation Kyrrathi. Every slave considers Kyra their mother, and they are the children she could never have.

“Trust no one.”
Kyrrathi is a young nation, only now reaching its second generation. As such, it has yet to declare a state religion or any real policies further shaping it. With so many people drawn from many different cultures, they are united only by their need to survive, and many Kyrrathi are only beginning to probe into the cultures they were taken from. However, many within its borders still adhere to their old life style, stealing what they please in order to survive or simply to better their own lives.

“If you get me through this, I swear to you I’ll do anything…”
The Kyrrathi do not appear to have any state religion, each warrior instead being allowed to follow whatever they feel comfortable with (and gets them through the battle alive)


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