Geographical location: None – the Ziganian are a roaming people.
Name of citizens: Ziganian (Zuh-gah-neh-en)
Government: The caravans are lead by an elder oracle.
Real World Inspiration: Romanians/Gypsies/India

“The mystery only adds to the allure, does it not?”
Very little of Ziganian history is known to outsiders, for the Ziganian are a very secretive people. Their style of life doesn’t nothing to help this curiosity, as all Ziganians are females. This has lead to the creation of many rumours of Ziganian promiscuity and, perhaps more ridiculous, of what they do to their male children. What is known to outsiders is that the Ziganian caravans travel the world over, seeking knowledge, and when they stop in an area it is a time of celebration. Their carnivals are fulled with exotic treats for all the senses.

No one is certain as to the reason, but no one violates Ziganian neutrality and there have been very few cases that a Ziganian caravan has been attacked.

“We all do what we must.”
Ziganian society is divided into castes, each caste determining the individuals role. Within these castes is a hierarchy based generally upon age and experience, though there have been times in the past were young women were selected to lead their caravan’s caste.

“Where’s the fun in uniformity?”
As the Ziganian come from many different races, they all vary widely in appearance and skin tones, though it is the general belief that they are all very attractive. This is sometimes a stretch, but the Ziganian women are encouraged to be athletic from a young age to become acrobats or defenders, and so there is a general trend of Ziganians being slim.

Ziganian clothing is generally vibrant and colourful, considered garish by more conservative senses. However, the style of clothing reflects the individual, and some may choose to wear clothing associated with their ancestry while others show none of these concerns.

“What is, is.”
Ziganian religion is an enigma to most people. From what others can see the Ziganian do not worship their gods, but simply accept them as Endless forces in the world. Their gods are:
Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium.

The Castes:
The Varuna: This is seen to be the leading caste and has the fewest members, as it is composed entirely of oracles.
The Prithvi: This caste is charged with keeping the caravan operational, and so it is composed of artisans and craftswomen.
The Ushas: Members of this caste fulfill the administrative roles within a caravan, but are also the artists and entertainers.
The Ratri: Members of this caste are in charge of keeping the caravan safe, and so are the warriors and hunters of Ziganian society.


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